Sustainability Assessments

A-RES believes that every adjustment you make towards becoming more sustainable, no matter how small, is valuable.

Our team of environmental consultants are experts in carrying out advanced energy studies and are skilled to provide you with intelligence and practical advice on sustainability issues relating to the built environment.

A-RES offers you tailor-made sustainability assessments in order to consider ways to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption and offer cost savings throughout the life cycle of your project (Life Cycle Cost Modeling).

Our specialist in-house consultants and experienced engineers make sure that all the sustainability aspects of your real estate development are fully considered and reflected on. These aspects include biodiversity, landscape, energy, embodied energy, ecology, water, materials, transport, waste, pollution, acoustics and health and wellbeing. All of these issues can reduce the carbon footprint of your project and create a greener building and environment exceeding the minimum statutory requirements and greatly adding to the resale value of your property.

A-RES may conduct specialist studies that contribute to this process.

By implementing suitable and cost-effective sustainable measures your project will gain international market recognition allowing you to benchmark it against the top of the class.

The value of A-RES lies in our wide-ranging experience in project management and cost management and in our team of environmental consultants, who are experts in carrying out advanced environmental and energy studies. This synergy allow us to assist you in realizing your sustainable ambitions by guiding you through an optimization process and determining the most suitable and most cost-effective solution.

Energy Efficiency Engineering

Green Solutions for a Green Future

A-RES can help you cut your energy expenses now and meet the emission targets of tomorrow today by developing custom-built sustainable solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure your project fulfills its potential.

Rather than expending a disproportionate amount of energy to control the climate in standard buildings, A-RES aims to reduce energy consumption not only by integrating effective, renewable energy supply systems but mainly by applying passive methods, meaning achieving maximum energy efficiency through superior insulation, shading, orientation and zoning, and the best possible ratio between wall and window areas.

Our services include:

  • Energy Audits – We provide you with a detailed view of how you facility uses – and loses – energy. We identify where money is being wasted and establish priorities for improvements.
  • Energy Conservation – We can help you save money by improving energy efficiency in areas such as lighting, heating and cooling systems, information and building control systems.
  • Energy Consulting – We can prepare requests for proposals, prepare design and build specifications, provide analysis for building envelopes, conduct feasibility studies, and provide a wide range of energy-consulting services.

    Life Cycle Cost Modeling

    Intelligent building concepts with vision – Life Cycle Cost Engineering

    Life cycle cost, or whole-life cost, refers to the total cost of ownership over the life of an asset. A life cycle cost analysis determines the total cost of acquisition, operation, maintenance and disposal of the building

    From construction and operation to eventual dismantling, buildings generate significant costs throughout their total lifespan. Whereas construction costs are often reflected in much detail, the cost of usage is a factor, which is regularly neglected during the design, and planning process.

    Investing in a life cycle cost analysis means investing in the future of your property.

    Using specialist modeling tools and our in-house databases A-RES can quantify the whole-life cost of your project aiming to improve design, specification and through-life maintenance and operation. A detailed life cycle cost analysis will help you in making investment decisions with confidence by providing you with a detailed overview of the costs you can expect.

    A life cycle cost analysis can use different study periods and the results can be shown in real cash flow terms as well as in discounted cash flow terms. Various issues can be analyzed at a strategic and system level, comparing alternative options.

    The strategic level analysis (looking at issues such as location and external environment, maintainability and internal environment, etc.) and system level analysis (looking at issues such as foundations, solid or framed wall and floors, types of energy, ventilation, water capacity, communications etc.) are carried out early in the design process to influence the fundamental decisions taken regarding the building without having an adverse effect on either cost or design programme. It is however important that this is revisited as the design develops to ensure that an optimal solution is retained throughout the procurement process.

    Through life cycle cost modeling A-RES aims to help you find the solution which best meets the performance requirements for the project, i.e. the option with the lowest discounted whole-life cost.

    A life cycle cost analysis will result in:

    • A reduction in energy consumption over the operational life span of the building
    • A reduction in maintenance requirement/frequency
    • Prolonged replacement intervals of services infrastructure/systems or building fabric
    • Dismantling and recycling or reuse of building components

    This means that a life cycle cost analysis guarantees you a pioneering building standard for state-of-the-art property in line with the highest levels of technology and esthetics in the world.

    Life cycle cost modeling is a key criterion in sustainability certification. Our life cycle cost models meet the technical criteria of BREEAM and LEED.