International Architectural Design Competitions

A-RES specializes in organizing International Architectural Design Competitions (IADC), mostly in accordance with UIA and UNESCO regulations, open to all professionals worldwide, which allow their work to be known in architectural mediums (institutional, editorial and governmental) around the world.

International Architectural Design Competitions require the assistance of Professional Technical Advisors and consultants, capable of establishing the competition rules and to prepare the Brief to the Architects (building program), as well as assisting the promoter during the whole procedure.

A-RES is regularly recommended by the International Union of Architects (UIA) as Professional Technical Advisor for International Architectural Design Competitions as A-RES has been involved in major prestigious international competitions such as the new NATO headquarters in Brussels (200.000 m² / 500 million US $), the extension of the headquarters of the European Investment Bank in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Centre of Harmony in Sharjah (UAE) etc.

A-RES often works in partnership with various foreign experts, including the Austrian and German consulting firms M.O.O.CON and HL-PP Ingenieure International.

Project Programming in Construction and Renovation

Project programming (detailed requirements definition), whether in construction or renovation, is everything you need to know before you plan, design and draw.

A-RES leads you through a programming process in order to identify your needs, goals and desires and determine what the projects objectives and constraints are, now and in the future. At the end of this process A-RES establishes the project design objectives from the list of detailed requirements, desires, essentials and priorities in written and numerical form. This results in a detailed work plan that will guide the planning and design process. Detailed programming is imperative to a successful real estate project.

A-RES was, among other projects, responsible for the development of the building programs for major prestigious international building projects such as the new NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the Centre of Harmony in Sharjah (UAE).