Integrated Project Management – Client’s Representative

A-RES aims to guarantee that all your expectations and requirements are fulfilled from inception to conclusion of your project – within the preconceived budget. Taking in account the large number of details and the many constraints in every project, it’s easy for a simple oversight or erroneous decision to disrupt the entire process. A-RES will handle the day-to-day decisions, negotiations, and finer points on your behalf, which allows you to focus on the bigger picture.

A-RES can advise or represent you on single or multi-scale developments and act as funding body representatives or third party advisers, offering you a wide range of expertise in all building sectors.


Risk Management

Our risk management services can help you implement project and cost controls, reach your goals, and manage your construction risks with independent Project Assessment, Process Improvement Services, Project Management Support and Contract Audits.

A-RES aims to back up your planning and risk management initiatives through:

  • Detailed risk analysis
  • Procurement & subcontracting strategy formulation
  • Tender preparation and analysis
  • Allocation of risk in line with the commercial strategy
  • Contract review and establishment
  • Contract negotiation and management

Our team of experienced engineers, consultants and environmental experts offer you a wide range of expertise aiming to balance project risk and commercial reward within a contractual basis and framework for project execution that emphasizes the strengths of the project while minimizing its weaknesses.

A-RES believes in assessing main project issues at the time when they can be dealt with most efficiency – prior to contractual commitment and prior to construction.

Other services:

  • Planning Management
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Contract Management