Real Estate Feasibility Studies – Land Valuation

A-RES has built up a well-developed financial model, which provides the framework for analyzing and making real estate decisions. When combined with a wide-ranging understanding of the market, a good model will lead to investment decisions based on the proper investment fundamentals.

We use single period and multiple period models to determine cash on cash and internal rates of return (IRR) for real estate investments.

Our value lies in our wide-ranging experience in architecture, engineering and project management which provides us the necessary expertise to accurately estimate the project costs of a real estate development, determine its fair market value as well as identify potential financial risks.

Cost Estimation

Reliable cost estimating is crucial to the successful planning and design of any construction project. Accurate cost estimates provide vital feasibility and budgetary data from project inception through completion of the design and development process.

A-RES has a team of experienced cost experts who will advise you in order to prevent over-expenditure and ensure maximized return on investment by providing meaningful cost information throughout the design process. From concept through to design, development, and construction, we are capable of assessing and managing costs before a project reaches the marketplace, minimizing the possibility for expensive surprises.

Our value lies in our wide-ranging experience in projectmanagement which allows us to identify, evaluate and anticipate on potential financial risks as well as pinpoint possible set-backs concerning planning and programming.

Cost Management – Financial Risk Management

A-RES understands that cost management is central to the integrated design process. A-RES can assist you in achieving the maximum return on your investment and creating maximum value for your money.

Worries over economic stability and the short-to-medium term outlook for the building industry reinforce the need for effective cost management, as project yields decline and instability in the contracting market increases.

A-RES can assist you at every stage of the project and define clear aims and objectives at the outset. This helps to ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time and implemented according to a set schedule.

The value of A-RES lies in our long-term – cradle to grave – approach considering investment costs, as well as maintenance, energy, and user expenses. Our expertise in terms of sustainability assessments and BREEAM assessments allows us to accurately estimate the return costs of sustainable measures, innovative technologies, and energy-saving investments.

Due Diligences

A-RES provides you with a comprehensive and complementary suite of due diligence support for any real estate transaction. The main objective of the due diligence process is to assist you in identifying and assessing liabilities, deficiencies, risks and enhancement opportunities, related to any environmental or technical aspect that could have an impact on the investment or real estate management – thus ensuring long-term security.

A-RES offers you several areas of expertise such as structural, mechanical and electrical aspects as well as building and environmental regulations, energy performance, environmental classifications (e.g. BREEAM), health & safety, fire safety etc. The concept is equally applicable to vendor and purchaser due diligence.

Thanks to our teams of environmental experts we can assess all significant areas of environmental liabilities and risks related to site activities. These range from the traditional concerns of contaminated land to current and forthcoming environmental, health and safety legislative compliance.

A financial assessment and appraisal of the existing revenue, repair and maintenance budget, life cycle costing (cradle to grave analysis) using discounted cash flow techniques and risk analysis may also form part of our advice.

Where future development or re-development of assets is considered A-RES can provide a functional, technical and financial assessment of the various investment and development options. Logically once you have decided upon your chosen development or re-development scheme, we will be pleased to provide the appropriate cost and project management services to help you realize your investment within the agreed programme, budget and quality constraints.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is one of the most challenging engineering services. Too often due to time constrains and limited budgets the most suitable and cost-effective solutions are not preferred resulting in a decreased value of the property.

A-RES can analyze where changes will provide the greatest benefits and generate the highest return on their investments. Our goal is to provide you with creative win-win solutions that add value to your project. This will enable you to be best-in-class and give you a huge competitive edge.

Other consultancy services include:

  • Quality Survey
  • Project Monitoring